Make money with Twitter

July 4, 2010

If you have a twitter account with few hundred followers and over one hundred updates then you should consider to make some money on twitter legitimately. Two companies are offering sponsored tweeting on twitter platform. They are Ad Ly and Sponsored Tweets. Both of the companies use legitimate white hat methods. A lot of powerful twitterers use these two platforms to earn money. Both the companies pay for each tweet. Payout per twett depends on how many followers you have. The more followers you have on twitter the more you make from each tweet. Sponsored Tweets has pay per click option as well.

Try these two platforms to make some money on twitter now.

More ideas for making money using your twitter account:

  1. Sell products on twitter
  2. Promote affiliate products via tweets
  3. Promote your landing pages on twitter
  4. Promote your Adsense website on twitter
  5. Tweet for others and charge a fee.

Register a free domain name

February 23, 2009

A domain name helps a lot in online marketing. But .com or .net domains are costly. You can’t afford to register 100 .com or .net doamins. Also most of the short domain names are already registered and hence not avaialble for registration. Some nice .info doamins are still available but .info domains are no less costly than .com or .net.  Also if you don’t have an way to spend money online then registering a paid doamin is not possible for you.

Fortunately you have a good option to register free domain names. Obviously this is not .com or .net doamin.  I am talking about free dot tk domains. Dot Tk allows to register unlimited domain names for completely free. Your web page will be shon in a Frame. No ad is shown.

Register a free domain name now!

Increase vistiors by social bookmarking

June 22, 2007

Social bookmarking is a great way of getting visitors to your website. is the leader of social bookmarking sites. and also can generate significant number of traffic. can give a flash of traffic (although it is bookmarking site rather a news and video sharing site).

Here is a small list of top social bookmarking sites:


More here…

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How to be a freelancer

February 22, 2007

With the easy availability of internet, freelancing is growing very fast. In recent few years , the world of freelancing has grown very fast. Most of the freelancers are part-timer. You can also be a freelancer while continuing your original job. All you shall need is an internet connection, communication skill, skill in any particular area and dedication.

If you are an expert in PHP, then you should try to get programming on php not perl unless you are a young programmer and have enough time to learn a new language. If you are not a programmer, no problem at all. A lot of jobs in other fields are also available.

There are a lot of sites which provides jobs for freelancers. ScriptLance is a very good site to start with. Other sites to mention are GetAFreelancer, GetACoder, RentACoder etc. If you are a highly skilled prefessional, then you can try eLance.

All the sites have feedback system. The beginners target should be to get some positive feedbacks. When you have some very positive feedbacks, it will be easier for you to get new projects.

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Free Classified Sites

February 18, 2007

Craigslist is the most popular free classified site. Then comes backpage, kijiji.

Google recently launched a classified site named Google base. It’s a little bit different in nature than the aforesaid sites. Yahoo & Microsoft are also on the race.

I am interested to learn about other similar sites. If you know any such site, share your views here.

I have complied a small list of free classifieds here with PR and Alexa Traffic Rank.

If you need help for some postings on craigslist or other classified sites then click here.

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My Baby

November 22, 2006

I have become a proud father of a son. We have named him Mehrab Enam (Turja).


How to use SOCKS proxy

November 21, 2006

Now-a-days SOCKS proxies are getting popularity. Following PHP script can be used to browse a page using a SOCKS 5 proxy:

$url =“;
$cUrl = curl_init();
curl_setopt($cUrl, CURLOPT_URL, $url);
curl_setopt($cUrl, CURLOPT_RETURNTRANSFER, 1);
$proxy = ‘proxy_name_or_ip:proxy_port’;
curl_setopt($cUrl, CURLOPT_PROXY, $proxy);
//Set proxy type to SOCKS 5; default is HTTP
curl_setopt($cUrl, CURLOPT_PROXYUSERPWD, ‘username:pass’);
$PageContent = curl_exec($cUrl);
// echo curl_error ($cUrl) . “<br>\n”;
echo $PageContent;

This scripts uses cURL library. It doesn’t support SOCKS 4 proxies. If the proxy doesn’t require authentication then comment out the following line:

curl_setopt($cUrl, CURLOPT_PROXYUSERPWD, ‘username:pass’);