Free Classified Sites

Craigslist is the most popular free classified site. Then comes backpage, kijiji.

Google recently launched a classified site named Google base. It’s a little bit different in nature than the aforesaid sites. Yahoo & Microsoft are also on the race.

I am interested to learn about other similar sites. If you know any such site, share your views here.

I have complied a small list of free classifieds here with PR and Alexa Traffic Rank.

If you need help for some postings on craigslist or other classified sites then click here.

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272 Responses to Free Classified Sites

  1. Phangkie says:

    Why are my postings not publishing even though they say they have? Is it possible to be banned from posting without being notified?

  2. Mike says:

    Anyone alive in here? Why so quite. Would like to know if anyone has any new ideas on CL’s ghost ads?


  3. Steve says:

    I can’t post on CL no matter what I do.

    Does anyone have advice on getting around the filters on Kijiji?

  4. Tj says:

    Seems like if you have a bunch of ghosted ads up, it will just keep ghosting. I’ve laid low for a few days and then tried again with some success. how these thrift stores that have 100+ ads up is still a mystery to me!

  5. Vlad Mayzel says:

    We’ve got a few complaints from our clients about craigslist bugs or deception. I did not believe it until i did some investigation and found out that it is a much bigger trend that i imagined, i also did some tests to prove it.

    It is true that many ads quietly disappearing from craigs list or never showing up to begin with, even though the authors of the ads are given no indication of it. Actually quite opposite – they do get an indication that everything is OK with their ad, which is not true – the ads are nowhere to be found on any publicly available page or by doing search. Although the author is allowed to view the ad and even edit it! It says that it will be posted in 15 minutes or so, and shows in green, meaning approved, not flagged and not “staff deleted”, yet it never shows up anywhere.

    I thoroughly verified that the ads in question were not violating CL’s TOS and that they are much more appropriate than an average or even most of the ads in the same category.

    I contacted the “staff” (general help) and postmaster and even tried Craig himself. So far i got only an autoreply that they have no time reading my comments and that i should read FAQ.

    Vlad Mayzel, operations manager
    604-GET-HELP On-Site Computer Services

  6. jm says:

    I have had a problem with ghosted ads.
    This is what I did but it’s more time-consuming.

    As soon as you post and get the green confirmation,
    go back to your email and click your posting link.
    You will get the pink ‘deleted’ page. On that page,
    click, ‘undelete this posting’. The posting will then
    appear after being ghosted the first time.

  7. jake says:

    I’m having a problem with ghosting as well…I was doing fine until about 3 days ago. I only place 8-10 posts a day, I’m not greedy or posting dozens of posts daily. I have only been able to get about 1, maybe 2 posts up a day. I chsnge ips, emails and text on every ad. I tried to use the above that jm said and it isn’t helping. I’ve been playing with this for the last 3 days and can’t seem to figure it out. If anyone has any tips I would greatly appreciate it.

  8. Sergey says:

    Hi, Jake!

    There is a very interesting article on ghosted/not-show-up ads.
    You can read it here:

    Good Luck!

  9. CLPoster says:

    If anyone still reads this who posts to yahoo groups, can you help me out? I’m trying to post in yahoo groups and get marketing going there. But almost all of the groups(at least the ones I’m looking at) require the moderator to approve the comments before posting. If most of them are like that, how are you all getting posts up there?

  10. Sharp says:


    I haven’t read this blog for a little while, I saw your post today, May 15, and decided to answer your question – “better late than never”.

    The percentage of the moderated Yahoo groups depends on the category. In my category most of the groups are NOT moderated. You really can’t post in the moderated groups day after day.

    So you have 2 options:

    1). Find as many as possible unmoderated groups in your category.

    2). Create a product that appeals to almost any Yahoo user, and start marketing it in the categories with high percentage of the unmoderated groups.

    Good Luck!

  11. Mike says:


    In response to the original blog post, ‘free classified sites’ I can suggest my site – Car Dealr! It is for advertising and selling Cars in the UK. It’s currently free to list on the site. Hopefully you find this an appropriate comment!

    Take a look at Car Dealr! here :-

  12. Sharp says:

    Am I crazy or CL stopped this phone verification thing?

    Today I took my very old account (I used it a year ago) and successfully posted 3 ads without any phone verification.

    Is it the end of the phone verification?

  13. Juzzie says:

    You should also try It is a free Australian classifieds site!

  14. Dears.., below classified site has simple and friendly system to post adverts freely and more over its for all over GLOBE.

    try and share this info to others..

  15. tipu says:

    hi…i recently read ur most articles..seems like your doing very good at what u doing.
    i want to know if u can plz tell how to post ads on gumtree and kijiji and also is there any way to post ads with a automatic software in gumtree, like clbotpro for craigslist; if there is any can u tell me which one and how to post bulk amount of ads in gumtree.
    i will really appriciate ur help.
    thank u

  16. ajay tiwari says:

    Adswr Classifieds | Free Classified Ads |Chennai , India Classifieds – Chennai Classic adswr classifieds – one stop shop for ads world classified ads. No Fees and No Login required. Buy, Sell, Trade, Find anything in Chennai including Real Estate, Rentals, Houses, Flats, Cars, Matrimony, Phones etc

  17. I like AdLandPro free classifieds. I post ads on AdLandPro regularly.

    Another good free classified site is ePage. I often use it too to advertise my products for free.

  18. Classifieds says:

    Free classifieds, site are all over the web, craigslist, will be come more and more towards commercial listings as ( paid to post ) sooner or later.

    This will free up other free site to flourish .

  19. Elihu Brent says:

    I loved using Kijiji free classifieds because it had less spam which is prevalent in other free classifieds sites. Now it is known as Ebay Classifieds. By the way Kijiji is a Swahili word. This language is commonly used in South Africa.

    Elihu Brent
    Free Classifieds

  20. asfaqbid says:

    I liked to use free classifieds because it had less spam which is prevalent in other free classifieds sites.

    Classified site

  21. carlos says:

    In Zimbabwe we trust Free classifieds from, to Get jobs post ads sell and buy houses

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