Increase vistiors by social bookmarking

Social bookmarking is a great way of getting visitors to your website. is the leader of social bookmarking sites. and also can generate significant number of traffic. can give a flash of traffic (although it is bookmarking site rather a news and video sharing site).

Here is a small list of top social bookmarking sites:


More here…

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6 Responses to Increase vistiors by social bookmarking

  1. Enam says:

    Do you want your site to be stumbled? Be a member on suexchange dot com
    It’s a great site for stumble exchange.

  2. Enam says: is a nice digg-like bookmarking site.

  3. Well I tried bookmarking on Delicious, Digg and dropjack. To no avail. The traffic on my site is still dismallylow.
    Tried putting it in most major blog directories too.
    Guess its just to do with the content. 😦

  4. Enam says:

    Obviously content is the most important factor. But with all your good contents you will not get visitors unless you do SEO or advertising. Social bookmarking is part of SEO & advertising. It will help you to get more traffic.

  5. Ranjit says:

    digg & reddit give a flash of visitors while stumbleUpon’s model is more linear and gives more targeted visitors. Visitors from digg and reddit are mostly junk.

  6. Enam says:

    Yahoo has also started digg like section named as Yahoo! Buzz. is Netscape’s digg like site. It’s also popular.

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