Make money with Twitter

If you have a twitter account with few hundred followers and over one hundred updates then you should consider to make some money on twitter legitimately. Two companies are offering sponsored tweeting on twitter platform. They are Ad Ly and Sponsored Tweets. Both of the companies use legitimate white hat methods. A lot of powerful twitterers use these two platforms to earn money. Both the companies pay for each tweet. Payout per twett depends on how many followers you have. The more followers you have on twitter the more you make from each tweet. Sponsored Tweets has pay per click option as well.

Try these two platforms to make some money on twitter now.

More ideas for making money using your twitter account:

  1. Sell products on twitter
  2. Promote affiliate products via tweets
  3. Promote your landing pages on twitter
  4. Promote your Adsense website on twitter
  5. Tweet for others and charge a fee.

One Response to Make money with Twitter

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    TwitsOmatic is a new tool that enables you to manage multiple twitter accounts without much effort, see how here.

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