About Me

I am a 32 year old guy from Dhaka, Bangladesh. I am a graduate Engineer. I have a small team consisting of programmers, web designers, graphic designers, writers and data entry guys. I am enlisted freelancer of ScriptLance. Click here to see my feedback on ScriptLance.

We have experience of programming in C/C++, VB, java, php, javascript, perl, TCL ect. We have also experience in wesite design, searching the internet, directory submission, link building, classified ad posting on craigslist and kijiji.

I am a Sun Certified programmer with 88% score.

Contact me on yahoo messenger (ehbappy) or Send me email to “enampwd (at) gmail.com”

Enam >> www.enamul.info

16 Responses to About Me

  1. lior raviv says:

    would like to find out more about your posting ads service. 516-967-6717 Cell

  2. Enam says:

    Please contact me on yahoo messenger. My Id is ehbappy.

  3. Werner Robles says:


    I need to be able to post 3 kinds of ads on selected cities in the US. I want these ads to be posted every 3 days and staggered. I might tweak and fine tune the ads depending on the results. Please give me a quote for say:

    3 types of ads posted in 10 cities every 3 days. What would the weekly quote would be? The ads will include a URL. I look for these to go on indefinitely and perhaps escalate it depending on the results. I have an webmaster account with scriptlance so we can finalize it there.


  4. We need someone who can post around 50 postings a day

  5. Enam says:

    I can post upto 200 postings per day of the same ad on craigslist.

  6. JC says:

    Can you contact me via my Yahoo IM? I’d like to discuss with you posting on Craigslist. Thanks!

  7. bill says:

    Hi there,

    I just want to post 1 add per week in seven cities. Can we talk about that? Please email me so we can get this going. How much would that cost?


  8. Utpal says:

    Hello Mr.Enam, I am really impressed with your innovative ideas regarding CL.I have also noticed that you have expertise in SEO, link building etc.

    Can you guide me to learn proper SEO technique?Mane ami jante chai je ki kore SEO samporke puro knowledge hobe and ami kono website er ranking improve kort parbo.

    I hope, apni amake help korben.

    I am based in kolkata, India and want to do some work as a freelancer.

    ID er priti o subhecchaa roilo.


    P.S please reply.

  9. muneer says:

    We have a bugdet of $30 per month for craiglist promtion. If you can kindly find time to mail me the best proposal you can offer in that. We shall like to make use of your experience.

  10. Will says:


    Found your blog while searching for a Craigslist postings;

    I’m searching for someone that will do mutiple Craigslist postings in roughly 20 cites, in two catagories, about 5 times a day..so about 200 every day (roughly). I want to test this first in just one state, in 4 cities for a couple of days and will go to all cities afterwords if I like what I see. Please call me if you have the skills needed for a this type of project, I will be available monday from 8am-8pm West Coast time (washington state) USA My number is 360-600-7894 Thanks and have a great day,


  11. Harry Lighter says:

    I am intrested in having you do some posting for me how can i contact you ?

  12. George says:

    Where you can get a list of proxies that support HTTPS posting and not blacklisted by craigslist?

  13. Enam says:

    You can contact me on yahoo messenger. My yahoo ID is ehbappy.

  14. George says:

    I also can offer you the software I wrote for posting, it works fine, but once ip and email domain is blocked you have to run it from another server. So i can give you my software in exchange of proxie list

  15. clpost says:

    Hi there,

    I recently got blocked from Craigslist. I’ve tried to post from one proxy server, but when I hit post all I got was a empty window.
    Do you know of any proxy servers that work on craigslist when you come to the posting area?


  16. David Palmer says:

    Hi Enam –

    I found your blog looking up tips on how to make multiple posts to Craigslist. Thank you for the tips. Perhaps I can enlist your services. I would like to post maybe to start 2 products to 100 Craigslists every 3 days or so. I sell low cost refurbished laptops.

    Do you still provide this service and how much would you charge for the 100 posts every 3 days?

    Thank you very much!

    Dave Palmer

    PS I am also looking for a knowledgable bulk emailer who is competent and can set up secure site send out emails in line with the US “Can Spam Act” to promote the laptops as well as many other products.

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