Tips on craigslist ad posting

August 5, 2006

Craigslist is the most popular free classified ad posting site in the USA and worldwide. I have long experience of posting ads on craigslist. Craigslist has very high Alexa ranking. Due to it’s huge popularity the site is number one target of the spammers. Craigslist is upgrading it’s system continuously to fight against the spammers. Now it is harder to post the same ad on different locations or multiple times in a particular location.

Following are some tips for posting ads on craigslist over and over again:

1) Unique Email address: Try to use a different email address for each posting.

2) Unique description: You need to change the ad description each time. Otherwise, simply it is not possible to post the same ad over and over again.

3) I.P. address: Change your I.P. as frequently as possible. Craigslist allows to post about 10-20 ads per day from an I.P. If more is posted then it is blocked for few hours to few days, even permanently if abused recurrently.

4) Titles: Using a lot of different titles are also helpful. Particularly, it reduces user flagging. And obviously user flagging leads to staff deletion.

5) Time gap: Don’t post more than 10-20 ads at a time. Give some time gap between each batch of postings.

Frequently Asked Questions on craigslist ad posting

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