How to be a freelancer

February 22, 2007

With the easy availability of internet, freelancing is growing very fast. In recent few years , the world of freelancing has grown very fast. Most of the freelancers are part-timer. You can also be a freelancer while continuing your original job. All you shall need is an internet connection, communication skill, skill in any particular area and dedication.

If you are an expert in PHP, then you should try to get programming on php not perl unless you are a young programmer and have enough time to learn a new language. If you are not a programmer, no problem at all. A lot of jobs in other fields are also available.

There are a lot of sites which provides jobs for freelancers. ScriptLance is a very good site to start with. Other sites to mention are GetAFreelancer, GetACoder, RentACoder etc. If you are a highly skilled prefessional, then you can try eLance.

All the sites have feedback system. The beginners target should be to get some positive feedbacks. When you have some very positive feedbacks, it will be easier for you to get new projects.

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